Thursday, September 29, 2011

October Column ...Ooh, la la...those Cirque Twins

Dolls, the Atherton twins from the UK are two of the headliners
on aerial straps
in the new Cirque du Soleil's Iris.  
I accompanied Don opening night and was happy just to see them standing still on stage, barechested in those cute little Roman war helmuts. Be still my heart!
Ay, que ricos! Let alone what ultra-skilled gymnasts they both are! Iris is miraculous, Hollywood's very own Cirque du Soleil. You have plenty of time to see it, as it's a permanent show for the Kodak Theatre, but you know how fast tix to shows sell around holiday time, so book early!

And what's this I hear about Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith in a recent interview? He doesn't go to drug therapy with her, because the problem didn't run in his family and he doesn't understand? Dolls, this is serious. Get your hubbie to accompany you to these meetings! Don't want to see divorce around the corner for these two, but Dona's hunches tell her something's amiss here! Hate it when I'm right, always such disastrous things occur. Ooowioo!

On a happier note three friends are performing live this week.
Firstly, Patti LuPone will be at Royce Hall, UCLA for one night only Tuesday October 4 with Gypsy in My Soul. She sings better than anyone, including moi! Then if you're in Chi Town this weekend Alexandra Billings is bringing her Katie's Corner to life there for 2 nights only. Anything can happen when she cuts loose on stage as Katie Hepburn. She'll climb a tree, slay a name it! And there are always special guests with arts and crafts. Arts and ...what? That's right! Remember Katie's over 100 now, so these little measly things keep her happy!
Here's the addressStage 773    1225 W. Belmont  Chicago, IL October 7 and 8 only!
 And then, if you're in Vegas, Jeff Trachta is opening for Liza - Minnelli, that is-who else? at the Las Vegas Hilton October 7 and 8 in a brand new show with over 100 characters. He's the best with impersonations! His George Burns had me rolling, so did his theme song from All in the Family as Edith Bunker. Jeff brings the stage to life with his multi-media split-screens and onstage antics! Don't miss him, and if you stop back to say hello to him, give him a big mwah from Dona and a hug from Don!

I leave you with a look at Antonio Banderas at 50. Could he look any better? Now get out and go to therapy with your wife, you little Spanish twit! Ay, caramba! Dios mio! The family that stays together goes to therapy together: that's Dona's prayer for October, dollcakes!

No one could ever possibly replace Antonio Banderas, but...Rod just sent me a new shot from the road and Sound of Music. Of course, he doesn't look like this onstage, but I thought you might like to take a look behind the scenes.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September column - It's Good to be Home

After  a short but fulfilling summer tour, I'm back home again in LA. Yeah! It's good to be home. "Home" - I feel like Diana Ross and singing a chorus from The Wiz! but...I won't! Let me say, dollcakes, doing a night club act is not as easy as it used to be. These old legs of mine got some working out this summer, let me tell you! Youthful looking, yes! Youthful feeling?...get out of here! But the ride's been fun, thank you one and all for coming out and supporting me, and now it's time to be a gossip diva once more!
This stud (above) - Rod - was one of my dancing boys in the show and he is doing a bus and truck tour this fall of Sound of Music, playing Captain Von Trapp. He'll give the discipline thing a whole new meaning! He'll whip those kids into shape!
Seriously folks, I understand that Patti Lupone will be doing Gypsy in My Soul at Royce Hall, UCLA as a benefit for Reprise Theatre Company on October 4. Bless her! She flies around this country doing concerts with the energy of Wonder Woman. I wish I knew her secret. I'm tired after my spin and want to kick back and write for a few months. Do you believe Barbra has a new album of Bergman songs What Matters Most and still sounds fabulous! Right on, Babs! Her sister Ros Kind will be back at Catalina Jazz Club in October. She sings so well! On the movie scene, I understand The Help will be nominated for a slew of awards this year. Can't wait to see it! Viola Davis sure won my heart for her solid performance in Doubt a few years back, so I'm sure she's just great in The Help. And Cher will be making a rare appearance soon on TCM as Robert Osborne's guest hostess when she picks her favorite movies. Based on a preview I saw, she still looks unbelievable! To be honest, dolls, I'm in the Betty White camp. No plastic surgery pour moi! I'll just keep on my diet - now there's a laugh and a half - well, I'll watch videos of me performing this summer, and if that doesn't work to make me want to stay in Jane Fonda shape, I'll start doing the treadmill and ballet every day!
Lots of goodies to report on in October, so stay tuned!

PS If I look aghast, look what a fan sent me below! He thought I'd look cuter as a man! Eek! How do I take this?
I'll just laugh my fool head off!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dona's Last Stand

Dolls, this is the final weekend for my show - the last time I will sing "We Need a Little Christmas" for a while and play with my ball ...Santa's ball, that is! Will miss the fun of this summer on the road, as I head back to LA and work. Those of you who came out to see me on the Cape and in NJ, love 'ya and all your support!
New juicy September column next week when I return!