Sunday, November 27, 2011

December Column - Being in Drag Is NEVER a Drag!

Well...most of the time, dolls! Today when I look into the glass, I'm embarrassed to sing "Look at that face, just look at it..." but am more apt to blurt out "How much is that doggie in the ...?"
Now, now... musn't be so hard on myself...tsk, tsk, tsk...
Who are the ultimate in DRAG artistes? Jim Bailey-where has he gone?, Charles Pierce (passed on; we miss him terribly!) and the new diva in town Peter Mac! Is there such a thing as a woman female impersonator? Of course, Debbie Reynolds! But she has her own versatile act, so mustn't be categorized as one of the boys. And of course, Alex Billings, who does a knockout Hepburn as well - and what a superb actress!! Now getting back to the boys...Bailey - what a singer ... and as Judy Garland, if you closed your eyes, you would swear you were hearing Garland. His Streisand was good too, but not as great as Garland! He nailed her! Some said he was difficult to work with and didn't pay his employees well... but, I never listen to stories and only tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, myself!! So scratch that rumor! Charles Pierce did not sing, but his drop-dead funny impressions of Bette Davis, Tallulah Bankhead, Katharine Hepburn and Mae West were the best ever! What a funny man! Liz Smith said his act was the greatest nightclub act of all time! Charles was a friend of a friend of my friend Don and one Christmas left a voice-mail wishing him a Merry Christmas from Katharine Hepburn. Don just loved his wit. Pierce hardly ever changed a joke in his show, but he was so hysterical, you could listen to a story over and over again and never tire of it. Like Tallulah and Bette as gal pals driving to Palm Springs; Tallu takes a wiz in the road and gets bitten by a snake. Bette seeks out a doctor - SLOWly - and what finally does the doctor say? Well, it was just too horrible for Bette to repeat or even attempt to do, so she simply said to Tallulah ..."The doctor're going to die!"
Then of course Steven Brinberg's musical tribute to Barbra Streisand Simply Barbra should be subtitled Sheer Heaven. This man has an uncanny vocal range like Babs and sounds so like her it's, it's...unreal. He makes Streisand seem like the fag.hag gal.pal every gay man likes to think she'd be...oh,  if only she were his friend. And Brinberg keeps up with La Babs and changes his material constantly, so his act is topical and always funny.
 If you haven't yet seen Peter Mac, hold onto your pants, 'cause this kid's a winner! He can sing and tribute all these ladies with panache. And he's so cute and such a fine singer in or out of drag! He has his very own inimitable style which is sometimes serious, but that's OK; he's also a terrific actor! He's doing a show at Tom Rolla's Gardenia December 14-17 replicating The Judy Garland Christmas Special with lots of guest appearances and surprises.
Jim Bailey above as Garland, Charles Pierce below as Bette Davis (as Baby Jane Hudson)

Steven Brinberg below in Simply Barbra

and the newest: Peter Mac as Judy Garland
So dolls, drag's never a drag; it's always fun. Who should no better than Diva Dona who wishes you the Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year 2012! I'll be back between XMas and New Year's with my resolutions and tips for a happier lifestyle, but in the meantime, don't watch your diet...puleeze! Overeat and drink yourselves silly...into oblivion for that matter...ENJOY!!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

My New Christmas Promo

Is it too much?
Of course, I wouldn't be up here, if I wasn't!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Dolls!

Diva Dona Talks Turkey at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2010.