Monday, February 27, 2012

March Column: Special Report: Diva Dona Trashes the Oscars 2012

Do I play demure and keep my mouth shut or do I bellow and roar like a good Diva should? Billy Crystal - has-been or savior? Did he really SAVE the Oscar telecast or is it back to the drawing board for 2013? Perky Ellen Degeneres sure kept those commercials on a big budget but hopping! Best Actress winner Meryl Streep - an actress to savor or dismiss? Is this Oscar a polite way of saying: "No more, old broad! Get lost!" Gwyneth Paltrow & Robert Downey Jr. - a vision in white vs a washed-up loon: Nurse Ratched devours McMurphy at last?
Proceed, dollcakes ...  if you dare!

Oh, when all else fails, I really did find the telecast entertaining even though we no longer see those great big production numbers where people sang and danced...every time the camera panned the audience and George Clooney, who could resist that big genuine smile? And Meryl and Viola Davis embracing before Meryl's name was announced? Streep is so gracious she should be nicknamed Grace...young actresses can learn from the kind way she treats others...she's one in  a million! And I sincerely hope she will be up there a fourth time. I mean, if Kate Hepburn was - and she didn't even come and recognize the honor - then Streep certainly can do it too! Wait until August Osage County is filmed, her drug addicted mama will jump
right off the screen.
Well, back to the telecast...and what about this year's fashion? Michelle Williams was a petite angel in red, Gwyneth, as I mentioned already, a vision in white, even though she looked like she might have stepped out of a cloister for the evening...and what about that classy Penelope Cruz...and even J Lo's gown was quite arresting although her cleavage took first prize...if you've got it, dolls, flaunt it!
Billy Crystal can make anyone laugh, and I wouldn't mind seeing Whoopi back as Hostess, but only paired with Crystal! Who cares if he donned black face to play Sammy Davis Jr.? He's always done it...and hey, it's BC! And who ever said a comedian had to be politically correct?

The Artist is the best! Deserves every prize it won! Great movie - such originality - and that Jean Dujardin, a sexpot...I mean, my dears, could a more handsome man light up the silver screen? I thought I was watching Valentino...a real charmer! And ...  a dog lover to boot!
Until 2013...and I understand, they're exiting the Kodak...I mean The Hollywood/Highland Center ... Por que?
Stay tuned for more Hollywood madness!
Now here's a great ad campaign for next year's Oscars. If Ellen can win over her audience as a salesperson, why not my cute friend Jacques (below) selling ... men's undies? Too gay, you say? Darlings, Gay is in! Talk about ratings boosts!
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