Monday, May 31, 2010

OMG, it's June First!

I'm really a shy girl at heart!
My gal pal Zandra - what a doll and senior knockout!!!
I can't believe it. Don Grigware called last night to remind me that it's time for me to submit my first column on the BIZ, as I see it. What's happenin' around town and how I feel about it. Well, the theatre is really hurting in these sad economic times of ours. I go see waiver plays with my friend Don and I'm shocked to find only 10 people in the audience. You mean, the actors actually go on and do a show for 10 bodies, you may ask? Yes, they do, because they care about their craft and are there to entertain 100 or 50 or even 2 people. It takes a lotta love to be an actor, let me tell you.
Well, that aside, did you know that Rip Taylor is doing a one-man show about himself and his career? Did you read Don's review? Well, let me tell you, this man made us laugh until we practically shi- ... well, you know how the body reacts when you overdo it. And Rip always makes us laugh until we pe-... oh, shi- I can't use four letter words here. Anyway, he makes you cry this time around as well as laugh. Yes, I never knew how sad his life was particularly growing up in all those foster homes. He was taken advantage of by men - ohmygod, he was a mere child when he first - he--! And those backstage thank yous from all those strippers. Whoa, I wonder what turned him gay when I heard that!
Anyway, my dears, you must go lickety split before Rip departs the El Portal in NoHo
his show is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out the middle photo with my pal Zandra. Isn't she a looker? Dahlings, she dresses better than any 30 year-old chic I know. How would I know any women, you ask? Believe me, I've been around the block more than once. Sandra has my vote for
Miss Senior America 2010!
Do you believe that bottom photo with Mary Wilson and Don? She sure as hel- gets ticked off when you mention the name Diana Ross around her - he didn't mean to upset her! Anyway, she was dynomite in the closing of the Palm Springs Follies. As you can plainly see, she still has all the right stuff in place ... to s----
well, you know what I mean!
Bye for now!! See you in July - oh no, the heat, the bugs - they're coming: yukkiepoos!!!
Take refuge in an air-conditioned theatre!!!