Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Don!

Friday dear Don is your BDay. Birth Day? They should call it Happy LiveDay, because, my dear, you still LIVE, and that's a miracle in itself. How old are you, dear friend? Really? Ha, ha!

"We'll always be bosom buddies
Friends, sisters and pals,
We'll always be bosom buddies...

...How old are you, Don? The truth!
...I'd say, somewhere between 40...and...

But... sweetie,
Who else but a bosom buddy will sit down and tell you the truth..."
I know you've missed me. Wish I could be back for your party Saturday with lots of dish - tell my dollcakes I've missed them too...Can't wait for my column to start up again, when I get back... in a while!
Here's a little present to cherish ...
Ooh la la, those French boys, as sweet as the pastries!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bientot Mes enfants...

Je vous verrai ...bientot!
Don Grigware has granted me an extra month or two, so I will continue on to Spain, Italy and maybe London..will give you the latest theatre news from the West End when I get there.
Kissy, kissy...