Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dona Responds

Well, Don, I never, EVER! I can't say a peep around here. Happy 1--th, so what? It was a joke, doll cakes! Fire Island, huh? Well, I'll take you up on it, my dear! And if I return - who knows, I just might find my niche there - we have a lot of reconciling to do if you expect me to pick up all the trash you've strewn around and write another column for you!
Hasta la vista, Donsie wansie!
Fire Island boytoys, hold on to your tushies, 'coz here comes Dona!

Dona to Fire Island

I've had enough of your insolence and divaishness, Dona! You're nothing but a humongous Mammala! I've had one beautiful mother; I don't need another! Off to Fire Island with you for the month of September! All expenses paid, on me!! To the Pines? Hell, no! Cherry Grove is more your style. You'll slay those low-class bohemians!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Don's Birthday Bash @ McCormick & Shmick's

Don let me wear his birthday streamers (right) after the party. Don't I look disgusting and cute?

Happy 1--th Birthday, Don Dahling and cheer up! Grab your cherries and lighten up! (top photo)


Pals help him pop those cherries!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010